life lately: april thus far

april is more than halfway over and i am excited and ready for may.
and that's about all i have to say about that!

playdates with friends from our old ward. we miss them terrrribbly :( so glad we're still close.

looking for some new plants, trees, and flowers for the new house! i thought this one looked neat, and then i saw it has my grandpa's name in it! (otto). i think it's meant to be.

gracie's favorite part of getting the oil changed in the car - free popcorn

i've been working out most every day for a few weeks now, and these two either help me ("help" me) or interrupt my workout 7134 times. but they're cute, so oh well.

she see's the temple whenever we drive home, and always wants to go see it. we talk about how she can't go inside until she's bigger, but she reeeally wanted to get a closer look. so we went in by the fountain and got a quick picture. she was so excited :)

that girl loves to snuggle her papa when he gets home from work

she's been practicing her noodle-sucking techniques

went on a family walk one night the other week and she insisted on pushing her baby in the stroller

we hardly have any pictures of all of us, so i insisted we sit and enjoy the sunset (below) and take a couple family selfies!

some beautiful spring skies lately

these two!!!!!! i truly hope they get married some day.

every morning they snuggle and play and goof around on mom and dads bed. i just love them.

we're (still) in the middle of remodels on our house, and gracie gets soooo bored being there while we're working. so the other day my mom gave her a bucket of water and a paint brush and let her paint the walls. she was so excited haha

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