spring fun: cross e ranch

last week we took the girls to a farm not far from us. they have tractors and barns and bales of hay for miles. they also have baby animals! i had heard about this place last year but we never made it out, so i made sure to not miss it this year. they're only open on weekends so i was afraid it'd be busy no matter what day we went, but it totally wasn't! it was fun!

gracie loves animals and wished she could've held them all (even the baby goats, which were totally adorable but would've been totally bigger than gracie if she had tried ;)). it was fun to let her run around and get excited about it all.

and the freshly dipped corn dogs.....YOU GUYS.
i asked jae if he thought they'd let me go back and not pay an entrance fee if i promised just to go in and buy some more corn dogs on another day. he said no.

snapped a few pics (of course, none of all four of us at the same time, but whatever).....
(ps, is gracie holding that baby chick not the cutest thing ever?!)

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  1. We went there too! And yes the corn dogs were so good! They have a fall festival thing too and I will definitely go then again. It was fun!