family pictures 2015.

i realize we'll be having some more pictures done in a couple weeks after this new baby sister joins us, so maybe doing some pictures a few weeks ago (while I was largely pregnant) is a little bit of over-kill. but I wanted some pictures done of sweet gracie girl when she turned 2, and since jae's brother was nice enough to take time out of his schedule to do the pictures for us, I figured we might as well sneak in a few pictures of jae and I and family ones too.

we went up to silver lake up big cottonwood canyon, and although it was still 'early' fall, the colors were just starting to turn and it was beautiful. colder than we expected! and busy. but beautiful. I think they showcase gracie's personality pretty well (aka anything but a simple smiling picture ;))

and now for serious picture overload because I can't narrow them down...


thoughts on pregnancy #2 (vol. 3)

How far along? (almost) 38 weeks! 
Maternity Clothes? yeppers. although i'm sick of every item of clothing in my closet right now, maternity or not. nothing fits.
Sleep: yes and no. it's way less sleep than a few weeks ago. tossing and turning is so hard with a giant belly. seriously, so much effort. and it seems my bladder is only getting smaller and smaller so trips to the bathroom at any hour are becoming even more frequent. 
Best moment this week: two thingsgot all the teeny tiny newborn clothes out, washed, and put away in her new little dresser in our bedroom. oh my! so tiny. is she really going to be that tiny??! also - Jae and I had a little 24 hour getaway this past weekend and it was so nice. we just stayed in SLC but we had two meals to ourselves and our schedule to ourselves and we needed it before these next few weeks. 
Miss Anything? dr. pepper (only 9 months of my life when i can truly say no to soda. so i take advantage. sometimes i wonder what is wrong with me.) 
Movement: all up in my ribs lately. but i think she's also dropped a bit in the last couple weeks or so. my belly seems to be sitting more on my legs than up in my chest.   
Food cravings: i've been liking tuna sandwiches lately. i haven't had tuna since just after gracie was born (and it made me sick and vomit). but now it's tasty again. even made a tuna casserole the other night for dinner.
Anything making you queasy or sick? meh. not really. although i have been randomly sick the last week. just yucky sick stomach feeling. no throwing up or anything. it's super random and i can't figure out why.
Have you started to show yet? N/A (i mean..obviously) 
Gender: GIRL!
Labor Signs: still a ton of braxton hicks and actually had my first painful contractions in the last week. they're just a light pain and don't last too long, but they're definitely more than the regular tightening of braxton hicks i've been having for weeks. as of my last appt i'm officially dilated to about a 2 (!!!). i was about in that same place when i was induced with gracie at 41 weeks, so this is improvement!
Belly Button in or out? mostly just flat, sometimes a little out. 
Weddings rings on or off? still on, yay! but tightttt. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: i'm pretty happy lately. happy to have these last few weeks, happy to know baby sister is coming SOON. happy to have a better idea of what life will be like in the coming weeks and months for our family (outside of just baby stuff). grateful and content and happy. 
Looking forward to: just the next couple weeks in general. she could come any time, but she could also wait another 2 weeks. either way, she'll join our family and we'll get to finally meet this little one we've been anticipating! 

part of me wants to be done being pregnant and to have this little one here to meet and enjoy and get to know and love. but part of me is stressing about needing more time to get other things taken care of before i'm blissfully consumed with a toddler and newborn. there is a LOT going on and if i stop and think about things too long, i feel like i'm being pulled in a million directions and i get pretty overwhelmed. so i'm trying to remember to just take things a day at a time. a 'thing' at a time. 


life lately, according to my iphone.

we've been enjoying the *true* fall weather lately - hurray for cool weather! although not sure about the snow that's forecasted this week...

gracie and i are trying to take advantage of both time before baby sister is here and also before the snow is here and it's too cold to be outside. 

jae and i are also trying to take advantage of this time while we still just have one child, and went out on a big date night! we're just trying to enjoy life and get the most out of it we can right now and have fun amidst the crazy busy of this season of life. life is pretty good to us.

lots of walks with lots of crunching of leaves. 
she thinks it's hilarious to step on them.

every day, she comes in the door, sits down on the floor, takes her shoes off, and stacks them against the island. she conquered the stacking of her boots even. it's hilarious, i have no idea where she even got that idea.

garth brooks concert!!
i was kind of surprised and taken aback when jae told me he wanted to go to the concert. but i certainly wasn't going to discourage that! it was SO.GOOD. 
for a guy that's "104 years old" (garth's words, not mine), he puts on a dang good show still.

made an IKEA trip last week. got a few things for the house, a couple things for gracie, a couple things for baby sister. it's not an true IKEA trip if you don't spend a few hundred $$ and gracie doesn't get to ride on the boxes right?!

jae was vacuuming the other day and gracie got so excited to use her new vacuum she got for her birthday and vacuum with dad too!

and how about another (cheesy) sneak peak of our recent family photos?
i'm super excited to get them all back soon.
love this little family of mine :)


halloween 2015.

this year for halloween, miss gracie jane was a strawberry. i got the costume a few weeks ago, and we've both been excited for her to get to wear it. it was a little small (18 month size) but i figured it didn't really matter and i thought she looked adorable anyway.

she hit the jackpot trick or treating, which her father and i were very grateful ;)

i realized, though, a few houses in, that our new neighborhood is quite hill-y and the big pregnant lady maybe should've just stayed home and passed out candy. oh well. i survived and it was way more fun to see her experience her first real trick or treating outing than to stay home and pass out candy to a bunch of kids i don't know, even if i was huffing and puffing at times.