the end.

something happens when you grow up.
i think it starts when you get married.
and then you buy a house.
and then you have a baby.
(or whatever order it all happens...)
and then maybe you have another baby.
or sell that house and buy another house.
or maybe you do all of those things and also live in a temporary house in between while remodeling a house.

and then this thing called priorities......
well they change.
sometimes drastically.
and it's kind of out of your control a lot of the times.
but necessary.
and good.

but when this happens, some of the things that used to be a priority become less of a priority.
or not really a priority per-say, at all.

like blogging.

for some, who are great writers and use writing as a way to journal and express themselves and be artistic and creative and get out all their emotions from the day-to-day....well a lot of them keep up the blogging. and i am so glad, because i still love to read and keep up on a handful of blogs every week!

but for me?
it's just not a priority anymore.
as you can probably tell from my lack of writing in like 6 months.
and i don't think anyone will really mind.
and to be honest, since i kind of made the choice to not worry about blogging anymore a couple months ago, i feel a weight lifted.
not that i was a great blogger before (ever), but it had become a not so fun thing that i felt like i had to do to keep up on our life and our babies and if i didn't blog, it'd be like this time in life never existed or something.
which is silly.
and i am a little relieved to realize that and to be able to make the decision to be done with my blog (at least for now) and just live life and enjoy it.
and not have to worry about the not blogging thing.

so, this is goodbye, blog.
it's been just shy of 10 years since i started my first blog back before kids and houses and the husband. i think that's a pretty good run for a non-blogger like myself ;)


  1. Ah, I'm sad I won't be able to catch up with your life through your blog anymore, but I definitely understand the decision, and I'm proud of you for sticking to your gut! You have enough on your plate to drop a hobby that doesn't bring you joy. Guess I'll just have to do all my catching up like, in real life or something. Weird. :)

  2. awesome.
    have a great day.