to gracie jane: 3 years old

this past year you have had to grow up and become a big sister. you have handled all those changes (including two moves to new houses and everything that went with that) like a champ. it's been a busy and confusing time i think, but you just go with the flow and say ok and keep being the big helper that you've always been. you're still learning patience with your sister and how to share and not rip things out of her hands, but you are working on it and you are getting better and you are so nice, even when little sister pulls your hair. it hurts, i know!

you are so dang smart. too smart! you pick up on so much just listening to others around you, and your little mind is so quick to catch onto things. you've pretty much been talking non-stop since you were 18 months, and i don't see that changing any time soon. you're starting to understand sarcasm more, and we can joke with you and you get it and laugh and it's so fun (except sometimes dad is too serious and you just get mad because you don't know he's joking..that dad!).

you are so excited for school. you don't even start school until next fall, but you have met your teacher and visited your school already and ever since, you talk about her and going to school almost daily. you have a backpack and a couple lunchboxes and you pack stuff up and 'go to school' all the time. you will be so great, i know it! i'm so excited for you and your future.

while you have a ton of personality (and some serious sass), you are so very sweet. you always want to give loves and kisses to everyone. you are the best little momma to your baby dolls (even though you don't like to name them - they're just known as 'baby' usually ;)). you feed them and burp them and swaddle them and carry them in your little mini carrier and push them in the stroller and put them to bed. and then shush everyone in sight so we don't wake up your babies.

your imagination is pretty amazing, and it only keeps getting better. you come up with things that come out of nowhere, but you're so clever! you are so obsessed with dragons right now. everyone is usually a dragon at some point during the day (many times it's lola). you are also obsessed with ghosts (that's what you want to be for halloween! a 'nice ghost') and you love to put blankets over anyone you can, and tell them to be a ghost! you think it's hilarious.

without a doubt, your favorite people are the 'kids' - aka your cousins. also 'susie' (aunt susan), and your grandmas. you ask to go to their house or for them to come over to ours daily. and they adore you and love you right back.

you are so outgoing. you have no fear when it comes to people. you'll say hi to anyone we pass, either at the park or the store or wherever we are. you will see random kids that you don't know and tell me that they're 'your friend'. you love to put on a show, whenever anyone is around. you like to have the attention and you make sure others know you're around. you have so much energy and you get so excited about all sorts of things - big or small. it's infectious.

you love the park! it's probably your favorite place to go. you cannot get enough the swings, and you always want me to push you higher in the sky like a rocketship! your sister loves to swing with you now, too. and she loves when you push her in the swing, she just laughs and laughs. you make her so happy.

you definitely have your moments - you are strong-willed and you know what you want most the time. and you will let me know! i can't be too mad though, because i know that a lot of that attitude comes from me. you have taught me more about myself in the last three years than you will ever know.

one of your favorite things to do right now is to race. race outside, race around the house, race at the park. anywhere. and your favorite part is to say, in your best announcer voice: 'on your marks, get set, go!'. but no one else can say that! only you. you have a little runners stance and everything.

you are very tenderhearted. you get worried for someone if they get hurt or are feeling sick. you have genuine concern for others and tell people they have to be careful or they need to rest. and you say 'i'm sorry' even when there's nothing for you to be sorry about. you are a sweetheart.

you have changed our world, little one, and it has been the best three years of our lives! you have taught us patience and love and happiness that we never knew before. when i think about you growing up and what you might become, i honestly have no idea where you'll go in your life. there are so many possibilities for you, sweet girl, and i know you will be happy whatever you do and wherever you go. the world is yours, gracie jane.

love, mom.


  1. I love this post! And I love little miss Gracie!!

  2. What a beautiful little tribute/letter to your beautiful Gracie! And I absolutely love the part where you said that having her has taught you so much more about yourself...that has just been one of the most unexpected things about parenthood for me--it's like glimpsing sometimes what you must seem like to other people!

    She is such a sweetheart. You and Jae have certainly made some precious little beauties!