gracie talks a lot. like, all day long. and she's been that way for a long time now! she just picked right up on her language and has never looked back. and most of the time, it's pretty hilarious. here are some of my favorites from her from the last few months that need to be documented somewhere other than my phone:

"it's ok mommy. i'm super gracie. you don't have to worry."

mom: "ok gracie, if you come in my room, you have to be super quiet cuz lola is napping."
gracie thinks for a minute... "maybe i'll just go downstairs.."

g: "i'm sorry sister, but you have to share." (she then picked up lola's socks)
mom: "why her socks?"
g: "cuz my baby wants some socks."

"let's watch the clouds go by mommy."

"i'm going to clean up dad's shoes. it's ok, i'm a big girl. i've got my sleeves up!"

mom: "gracie can you be quiet for like, 2 minutes?"
g: "no i can't! there's music in my ears. so i can't be quiet."

mom: "are you going to go outside?"
g: "no it's really windy. my  head doesn't have glue so it will blow away." (with a very concerned look on her face)

mom: "gracie we don't spit."
g: "but if there's a big dragon in my mouth, i have to spit it out."
mom: "there isn't a dragon in your mouth."
g: "i know, cuz i just spit it out! see right there??" (pointing to her plate)

"seriously, child??!" (she got that from her father! just sayin.)

"please stop! my hair will fall out if you talk so much." (to me. thanks.)

mom: "gracie was that fun taking cookies to people?" (we had just made cookies & taken them around to some of our neighbors. sidenote: she really likes to help with the mixer when we bake things)
g: "yes, we gave them cookies cuz they don't have mixers." (yeah...totally. that's why.)