st. george: march 2016

jae had a work conference down in st george this past week, and the girls and i needed a few days away in some warmer sunshine. so we tagged along!

i'll be honest - as nice as it was to get away and do some vacation-y things, with jae at work stuff most the day, it was kind of like just being at home with me and the girls. we had to run to the grocery store and we did a little shopping. but it was just me and them. and we missed jae. and that made it kind of not as fun i guess. but i won't complain, because it was some new scenery for a few days, and that was great.

we did some shopping, some stroller-ing, some swimming (gracie got dumped on about 10 minutes in and then swimming was pretty much over), one morning at the children's museum, a few tantrums (from gracie), drawing with chalk outside in the sunshine, lounging in bed, and some more tantrums on the drive home (again, gracie).

and then, when we got home, jae laid down on the floor, and gracie tucked him in and brought her chair over, grabbed a book (and her glasses haha) and read him a story. she had to get real close to make sure his eyes were closed and he was 'sleeping'. it was hilarious.

until next time, sunny st. george!

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  1. Fun (minus tantrums and such)!!! Sometimes just getting away, even if not too far and is much like being at home still, is still good for the soul! Love you!