life lessons from a 13 year old me.

my mom discovered this paper at her house. it's titled "things i have learned up to the age of 13", and was written by me in my 7th period class (whatever class that was, i'm not sure. i think maybe a computer/typing class?).

anyway reading through these things was both hysterical and proved i was pretty wise in my early 13 year old days. so here's what i considered important to know at that point in my life.

(written exactly as they were on the original)

i have learned that whatever you say or do will at some time come back and be said or done to you, so watch what you say and do.

i have learned that you should be nice and kind to everyone.

i have learned that there is no greater luxury than sleep.

i have learned that life is short, so eat chocolate.

i have learned that you should always do your best and never give up on anything.

i have learned that laughing heals anything.

i have learned that friends are a privilege. don't abuse that privilege.

i have learned that most boys are dumb.

i have learned that you should enjoy life while you can.

i have learned that you should not complain; it doesn't get you anywhere.

i have learned that the way that you choose to look at things is the way things will happen.

i have learned that ballet helps the soul get free from anything that troubles you in your life.

i have learned that the only way to get through life is by looking at the good side of everything.

i have learned that everyday, there is something new to look forward to.

i have learned that ice cream is good.

i have learned that you won't accomplish anything in life if you don't try and work for it.

i have learned that life can be fun if you want it to be.

i have learned to listen to teachers and believe what they say, even if you think they are telling the truth.

(not sure where i was going with that last one - typo maybe? who knows :))

see! so smart. and yes, ice cream is still so good.


  1. Haha, you were pretty wise!

  2. Well, look at that---you had most of life figured out at 13.

    THAT'S something to brag about :)

    Now if I could just get my students to believe the (intent) of the last one on there...

  3. I love the sleep and ice cream ones!! So wise!!

  4. Man you were a lot more wise than me at 13.