life lately: march

time just keeps flying by. march came and went and i barely remember it. trying to be better at taking photos of the big stuff and the random stuff to remind me what we're doing every day! 
here's a quick run-down.

just a daddy and a little girl with an over-sized 'pack pack', walking to church. 
love that the weather is finally feeling like spring.

visits with our baby friends! come again, kayla and gavin!

and visits with our baby cousin friends! we are so glad you're here, gemma!

grocery shopping with this little squirt now pretty much always involves her own mini cart. and i'm actually ok with it. 

easter egg hunt! except gracie got so overwhelmed by the hoards of people running to get the eggs all at the same time, she ended up just crying and being upset and having jae carry her around, watching everyone else get all the eggs. literally, zero eggs for us. it was totally worthwhile ;)

terrible picture, but these little ones are great chocolate chip cookie making helpers!

just got the bumbo out a couple weeks ago, she's liking it for the most part, when she's not totally starting to slump over.

4 month dr visit! obviously these smiles were pre-shots. poor bebe.

the kids (cousins) had a sleepover at our house the other night (which i'm just realizing i didn't get any other pictures of) and i made them go grocery shopping with me. super fun aunt right here!

i often find these two like this :)

Easter sunday! first matching dresses!!!!!! it's a stretch - i had to buy gracie's in an 18-24 month size, which was the biggest they had. so it was a little short. but i didn't care, i just wanted them to match! 
(too bright for lola and gracie seems to not be sure how to smile on cue yet. best pics we could get)

entertaining during church. she's the sweetest.

i've been doing a 21 day fix workout, including these lovely shakeology smoothies every day. more on that later, but these smoothies have so grown on me! i totally look forward to them.


  1. Yay for lots of pictures of your adorable family! Looks like things are going pretty well for you, busy-ness and all :) I'm interested to hear more about this 21-day fix you're trying...

  2. Omg -- their marching Easter outfits!!! So stinkin cute!!

  3. We need to come and visit again!