life lately: juggling.

now with two kids and all else life has to throw our way, i feel like it's a constant juggling act.

(i know, all the moms with 3 or 4 or 5 kids are looking at me and rolling their eyes - two is so easy! you have no idea! i know.)

sometimes it's fun and sometimes i feel like i'm on top of things. but a lot of times i feel just a tad overwhelmed and my anxiety gets the best of me. it's a constant feeling of AWESOME! and then STRESSED! and i'm not sure i'll ever get the balance just right. but i'm trying. 

i love my life.

and now for some life lately in pictures.

often this is the scene when jae gets home from work - a little pow-wow between the girls and dad. 
i kind of love it.

gracie took this one! she's been practicing.

lately she's found playing with the zipper on her jammies when she's bored in bed is the best idea. 
and yes - she's the most random, crazy sleeper. she's all over the place.

baby smiles all around!!
i am far from a morning person (especially after working til 3am) but mornings when i wake up to this face are hard to hate :)

such a good big sister. always wants to hold her.

some milk drunk sleepy snuggles.

kisses and hugs and loves all day long!
lola gets many chances to practice patience ;)

visits to story time at the library. gracie kind of doesn't like it. she's excited by the idea, but when we go, she gets all weird and nervous and doesn't want to participate. she just sits in my lap or right next to me and watches.

she loves any reason to hang out with her buddy dax!
they're the cutest ever together, holding hands and giving hugs.

just practicing our selfies.

tummy time on dad is way cooler than tummy time on the floor.

more sister holding practice.

sometimes she just really wants lettuce (and chocolate pudding) for lunch. so we roll with it.

she's super snuggly with her blankies lately.

i'm telling you, this face. she makes my morning and honestly - helps me get out of bed every day!

testing out the new carpet at the house.

we went to the park almost every day last week. swings are her favorite.

she's rarely snuggly like this, so when she was snuggling with dad the other day, i had to document it!

she makes the best faces!!!!!

this was after about 3 hours at ikea. we wore her out well ;)

she pulled her sweater over her head and literally came up to jae and said 
'happy cray cray day daddy!'
it was hilarious.

she's finally graduated to the swing! and holding toys! it's all very exciting. she's getting so big and i love it.


  1. Yay! All sorts of pics of the baby and the two girls together! So much adorableness in one post...looks like you're doing a great job at the juggling act!

  2. These are so cute! I think you handle the craziness well! You have the cutest girls. Gracie cracks me up!