gracie: 2 years.

our little princess gracie girl (or 'gracie gur' if it's gracie saying it ;)). she loves wearing crowns and necklaces. she is a firecracker, that one. attitude all day long. but she's also adorable so what do you do?

last time i weighed her, she was about 27 lbs. she's still a smaller thing, but i think she's gaining weight more now than she has in the last year or so. she still sucks her thumb. that's a work in progress. sometimes jae just tells her her thumb will fall off if she keeps sucking it. not sure that's the best approach, but it usually makes her at least think twice before putting it back in her mouth ;)

gracie cracks me up on a daily basis. she says the funniest things. new things i've never heard her say. she's always surprising me. she also drives me crazy on a daily basis. hello 2 year old, right?

people still comment on how well she talks all the time. she just talks in normal, complete sentences all the time. just a normal grown up talking, really. it's awesome.

potty training! it's been kind of a slow, not top-of-the-list process that's gone on for a few months now. as of just these past couple weeks, she is officially 100% in undies all the time! going #2 is still quite a drama-filled 15 minute occasion, but hey. i'll take it over buying two sizes of diapers. what a relief.

she's as goofy as ever, and has a fun imagination that just keeps growing. she talks about her imaginary dinosaur or dragon friends. she LOVES stickers. obviously. she's constantly tucking her babies into their beds (or on lola's bouncer, rocker, swing, whatever she can get her hands on).

gracie is such a good little momma. both to her babies and to lola (well, as much as i let her be to lola. sometimes i have to pull the reigns in on that one ;)). the other day she sat down on the couch next to me while i was nursing lola. she pulled her baby up (and her shirt up, as you can see below), and started 'feeding' her baby too. then she got a burp cloth and sat her baby up to burp her. after a few seconds, she said 'oh no! my baby spit up! see?!' she was pointing to her side/lap. just like where lola might spit up on me. it was hilarious. i couldn't help but laugh. then she got irritated with me. 'stop laughing! stop!'. she's too smart.

gracie loves to jump, hop, skip, play chase - anything that involves being a crazy monkey. and anything her dad will play with her. she loves to play with him (aka have him chase her around the house). she got a new tent for christmas and keeps plenty of toys stocked in there at all times.

gracie girl loves spending time with her cousins, and her aunt kellie (who happens to live next door!). aunt kellie is totally more fun than mom!

she is super 'helpful' in the kitchen lately. she always wants to sit up on the counter and be involved in any stirring, mixing, or measuring that's going on. any time i'm using measuring spoons or cups, the smaller ones are 'hers' and she insists on holding them and dumping whatever the content is into the bowl. she loves to 'mix-a mix-a mix' ;)

she got this little backpack for christmas too and loves it. we pack is up with stuff and she wears it to church. it's adorable, i love it! she talks about going to school and wears it all the time.

she is a goof!!!!! or as she would say - a 'silly goose!'. that's one of her favorite things to say. 'no way, silly goose!'. anything involving flashlights she is ALL about. she's kind of obsessed.

as crazy and obnoxious as she's gotten in the last few months, and as much attitude as she throws around most days, she is so much fun. she is so sweet. she never used to care if i was leaving for work, she'd basically just wave and say see ya later mom! but since going back to work since having lola, something has changed. now she is all sweet and a little sad and tells me she doesn't want me to go to work and asks why i have to go. and she gives me lots of hugs and it's the best. and it also kind of breaks my heart a little each time. can't imagine life without her! love you SO MUCH gracie girl.


  1. What a little smarty pants! She's just getting so grown up...so crazy! And what a sweetheart she looks like she is to Lola! (Can't wait to see more Lola pics, btw!)

  2. She is too much! I love her sass :)