lola: 2 months.

miss lola turned two months old last week. i am not sure where the last two months went, but i am even more unsure where the entire last year went. seriously, sometimes it feels like i hardly remember being pregnant.

lola is healthy and growing and so wonderful to have in our home. she's a major happy spot for me (for us all, i think) and i am so grateful for her little spirit. i've found i can enjoy her more. even though i'm busier than ever with two little girls and the rest of life, i am not so crazily anxious like i was in the beginning with gracie. and that has been a huge blessing i wasn't expecting.

lola likes her baths until it's time to get out and it's too chilly. then she screams. she doesn't like to be swaddled (neither did her sister) but loves to just be cuddly in her blanket. she takes a binky! gracie did not, so this is new territory for us. she has dark eyes that don't appear to be changing at all. her pretty lashes have shown up and are dark and lovely (she got those from her daddy for sure). one of my favorite parts of her is her toes. sounds strange, but they're just so long and petite and i love them! lola loves to just lay on the floor and look around and make noise and smile at any faces that pop up in her field of vision. it's so fun that she so much more 'interactive' now. she currently sleeps in a rock n play next to my bed and will give me usually one 4-5 hour stretch, and then a smaller 2-3 hour one. she's a good eater and a good spitter-upper ;) she often has a furrowed little brow and looks so concerned. it is super cute. many people say she looks just like gracie did. when i look back at pictures of gracie at the same age, i agree, they do look similar. but when i'm just looking at her, i see so much more of jae in her than i ever saw in gracie. i'm not sure i can pinpoint exactly what it is. but i think she looks a lot like her daddy (and i love it).

lola now weighs 10, almost 11lbs and is just getting so big! people see her and comment on how tiny she still is, but i feel like she's gotten so big since birth. she's much more aware, much more alert, smiling and talking all the time. i LOVE it! she already has the sweetest personality. and she loves her momma :)

now for even more picture overload...


  1. SO MUCH CUTENESS!!! Aaaaaaaggghhhhhh!!! What a little doll. So glad to see more pictures of your littlest cutie :) And so glad you all are doing well!

  2. Can't wait to see that little cutie tomorrow!