goodbye & hello.

another year over, another year beginning.

it's strange to me that we're now in 2016. i mean, 2005 doesn't seem like it was that long ago, does it? but it was 11 years ago, and that seems like a long time. time is a weird thing.

i don't have the time or energy to spend on a complete recap month-by-month of the least year (although i wish i had documented it a little more completely, but life, ya know?)

**so we started 2015 still recovering from the heartache of losing our sweet baby a couple months before. it was a long hard few weeks but we were feeling ready to start the new year and not have too many expectations and just see where the year took us.

**in the middle of march, i started a new full time job at LDS and also kept my part time job at primary children's. another time in my life when something just kind of randomly happened that i wasn't necessarily expecting or looking for, but it happened and i just took it as a time to trust the bigger plan for me. it was a hard transition for the rest of the year to say the least.

**on april 1st (of course) we found out we were expecting again. i was equally crazy excited and happy as i was terrified of losing the baby again. we just tried to stay positive and rely on our faith to remember so much of it was out of our hands.

**come june, jae randomly mentioned his curiosity to see what kind of equity we had in our house (we bought our house 4 years prior and completely gutted and remodeled it). i decided to indulge and talked to our neighbor/friend/realtor about an appraisal. within about 3 weeks (and after much deliberation and prayer and back and forth), we had our house listed on the market (not to mention under contract within a week). it was totally out of nowhere and kind of a little crazy. we had no idea we'd be selling our house or where we'd even move to.

**after the first offer falling through, going back on the market, and getting another offer less than a week later, we closed on our house the beginning of september. after a LOT of house hunting during that time (but nothing working out), still not quite sure what we had gotten ourselves into or why or what we were going to do from there, a few things started to fall into place. we moved into my sister's rental house and made plans to buy my grandparents house (they both passed away a few years ago - it's a long story).

**once we moved into my sister's house and finally had a better vision for what the future looked like (sort of), i felt like i could finally put more time into focusing on this new baby that was coming. and coming soon! it seems like i hardly remember or experienced this pregnancy because there was just so much going on. october and most of november came and went, and our lives were changed again on the 27th of november with the addition of little lola.

**we closed on our new house december 4th (lola was one week old). it's been a process working to get the house cleaned up and demo done and remodels started (yes, it's another project house. more on that later). there is still much to be done and we're not sure on an exact timeline for moving in.

**christmas came and went and was as magical as i imagined with a brand new heaven sent newborn to snuggle.

i'm not great at resolutions or tackling lofty goals. so i've learned i do best when i make a list of a few simple goals for the year for myself personally and for our family. i was able to check everything off my list for 2015.

here's what i wrote down for 2016:
.remodel & move into new house 
.temple once a month (either by myself or with jae)
.go on a family vacation
.family prayer at least 3 times a week 
.be healthy
.meal plan/make dinner at least 3-4 times a week 
.be present

here's to a happy, healthy (less eventful) new year.


  1. I do agree with your "more-ofter-to-ccok" resolution - it is so right! :) Let me wish you strength and inspiration throughout all the upcoming year!)

  2. Ooo, congrats on closing on the new house! I can't wait to see pictures (when you've finally moved in). That's so awesome that you guys have the skill set to be able to flip houses--Matt and I talk about doing it all the time until we realize that we have absolutely ZERO skills in anything remotely related to home improvement, lol.

    1. Thanks! We didn't really have any of those house improvement/remodel skills either. Jae kind of just has that stuff in him and we learned as we went. Lots of YouTube videos later... Haha