number six.

today is jae's and my 6th wedding anniversary. it's hard to remember life before him, yet i often stop to wonder how we're old enough to be buying houses and having babies.

there are always ups and downs in life and in marriage, but i can't say there's been too much to complain about the last six years. i got lucky with this guy, and i wouldn't have anything any other way. 

in the last 6 years, we've:
.had 12 jobs (we've both had multiple jobs at once {which is a terrible idea, by the way})
.owned 2 homes
.had 1 dog
.moved (soon to be) 5 times
.lived in 2 cities (wow, we're living life on the edge!)
.gone on amazing trips (china, california, malaysia, singapore, new hampshire, hawaii)
.owned 5 vehicles 
.owned and sold 1 business
.had 2 BEAUTIFUL babies

can't wait for the adventures ahead!

{this was post-cake smash, hence the white stuff all over :)}


  1. Wow, 6 years! Time really passes by so fast. Congrats to you two lovebirds--hope you get to go out and do something fun to celebrate!

  2. You've managed to do a lot of things... And I wish uuo even to do more in the next 6 years of your happy life!!! May God pour blessings on your family in abundance!