halloween 2015.

this year for halloween, miss gracie jane was a strawberry. i got the costume a few weeks ago, and we've both been excited for her to get to wear it. it was a little small (18 month size) but i figured it didn't really matter and i thought she looked adorable anyway.

she hit the jackpot trick or treating, which her father and i were very grateful ;)

i realized, though, a few houses in, that our new neighborhood is quite hill-y and the big pregnant lady maybe should've just stayed home and passed out candy. oh well. i survived and it was way more fun to see her experience her first real trick or treating outing than to stay home and pass out candy to a bunch of kids i don't know, even if i was huffing and puffing at times.

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  1. So cute! We both had adorable little strawberries this year :)