life lately, according to my iphone.

we've been enjoying the *true* fall weather lately - hurray for cool weather! although not sure about the snow that's forecasted this week...

gracie and i are trying to take advantage of both time before baby sister is here and also before the snow is here and it's too cold to be outside. 

jae and i are also trying to take advantage of this time while we still just have one child, and went out on a big date night! we're just trying to enjoy life and get the most out of it we can right now and have fun amidst the crazy busy of this season of life. life is pretty good to us.

lots of walks with lots of crunching of leaves. 
she thinks it's hilarious to step on them.

every day, she comes in the door, sits down on the floor, takes her shoes off, and stacks them against the island. she conquered the stacking of her boots even. it's hilarious, i have no idea where she even got that idea.

garth brooks concert!!
i was kind of surprised and taken aback when jae told me he wanted to go to the concert. but i certainly wasn't going to discourage that! it was SO.GOOD. 
for a guy that's "104 years old" (garth's words, not mine), he puts on a dang good show still.

made an IKEA trip last week. got a few things for the house, a couple things for gracie, a couple things for baby sister. it's not an true IKEA trip if you don't spend a few hundred $$ and gracie doesn't get to ride on the boxes right?!

jae was vacuuming the other day and gracie got so excited to use her new vacuum she got for her birthday and vacuum with dad too!

and how about another (cheesy) sneak peak of our recent family photos?
i'm super excited to get them all back soon.
love this little family of mine :)

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