to gracie, on your 2nd birthday.

gracie jane:

i cannot believe your dad and i have had the chance to be your parents for a full two years now! you have been the hardest thing we've ever done, but you've exceeded our expectations more than we ever could've imagined. you bring so much happiness and laughter and silliness in our family. it's hard to remember life before you.

funny things you say:
guys, calm down, ok??!
i love you soooo much
i missed you soooo much
umm sure
when you ask her what her name is she says Graaacie giiiirl!
(when using a play phone) hello, wassup?
(when someone is doing something you don't like) no! stop! *said with your hand up in the air

favorite things to do:
watch daniel tiger. he's your bestie these days.
anything to do with playing outside, but you especially love to swing
playing with your little kitchen and bringing us pretend food to eat
giving your babies bottles and singing rockabye to them
your slide you just got from your grandma karen
listening and singing along to the taylor swift cd. you really know your t.swift songs
being with your cousins
showing off for anyone and everyone
singing songs (twinkle, you are my sunshine, i am a child of god, anything taylor swift, random songs from daniel tiger, abc's, rockabye baby)

favorite things to eat:
banana bread
apples (but only whole ones that you can bite! no little cut up pieces for you!)
chocolate milk
rice krispies

you're still a little one, but you're growing and developing perfectly. you still seem to fit best in 18-24 month clothes right now, but i feel a growth spurt coming on :)

while you are so super sweet most of the time, you are not the greatest at sharing. you often yell 'no!' while at people while pointing your little finger when you don't want them to take/play with something you want. which makes sense, as you don't have siblings yet and don't really have cousins your same age to play with that would encourage sharing. i think nursery has been a great place for you to practice! you are not afraid to give just about anyone hugs or hellos or kisses. no stranger danger whatsoever. you just think everyone is great and are generally very welcome and opening to whoever is around.

you are also a little OCD. you do not like messes or your fingers being dirty. you want to pick up the smallest of crumbs and you like to clean everything with a wipe. i guess that's not a bad thing :)

gracie you are so much fun. you definitely are acting like a toddler and you have your good days and your bad days, but we just can't get enough of you and i am so happy you call me mommy. everywhere we go, people ask how you old you are and comment on how much and how well you talk and how adorable and spunky you are. seriously, all the time. you make people happy all around you. i love to just sit and watch you. listening to you sing is one of my favorite things too. you give the best big bear hugs and you have such a sweet little heart.

love you to the moon, my baby girl.


  1. What a little sweetie :) I just loved the list of the funny things she's saying! How adorable.

  2. This is sweet. I love that Gracie girl.