birthday celebrations of a 2 year old.

i was so excited for gracie's birthday. i wanted her day to be so fun for her. i really wanted to not over-plan or just throw a big 'party' that she wouldn't necessarily care about or love. i wanted to do things i thought she'd enjoy and prefer to do. it was all about her!

so here's what we ended up doing:
-out to breakfast with the horrocks's (breakfast foods are one of her faves)
-trip to the zoo with just mom and dad (perfect weather for the zoo, by the way)
-a sort of quick 45 minute nap in the car after running around the zoo for 3 hours
-presents and playing and relaxing back at home with mom and dad and grandma
-pizza take-out at home for dinner (she loooves pizza) and more playing with new toys before bedtime

we had planned to take her out to the park and let her play (and swing! her favorite) and have pizza for dinner at the park, but it ended up being rainy and cool in the afternoon/evening, so we had to ditch the park idea.

i think it worked out to be a pretty perfect day for her! she had a lot of fun and so did we. she is such a blast and i loved spending the entire day with the three of us together, just celebrating her!

breakfast with her favorite horrocks uncles
(and aunt chelsea!)

the zoo

quick nap time

 presents at home with grandma

(she got this doll bed for her birthday, and a couple mornings later i found her sitting in it...of course i hurried to take a picture as i was telling her she couldn't get in it, it was only for her babies ;))

thanks for such a fun day, gracie girl!

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  1. What a fun day for her! Too funny that she climbed in the doll's bed! :)