black island farms.

we had a little mid-week family date night this week out at black island farms. pumpkins and tractor rides and haystacks and goats and baby pig races and face painting (or in our case, arm painting). so fun! we've never done something like this before, and i was so excited about it.

at first, we were sweating it was so warm out! but after the first hour or so, it started to cool down a bit and was really the perfect weather. we got there early too so we beat a lot of the big crowds. i'm so glad we went.

after our farming fun, we made a stop at sill's for some breakfast-for-dinner dinner before driving home. such a fun night! i'm really trying to soak in all the time we have left the next few weeks with just our family of three.

^^ some family picture bloopers. it was really bright ;)

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