thoughts on pregnancy #2 (vol. 2)

How far along? 33 weeks (i mean, technically we could have this baby NEXT month!)
Maternity Clothes? yes and yes. the non-maternity shirts i still squeeze into now and then are just too short/tight and look ridiculous, i know. dresses that are non-maternity though - i can still pull off a few of those.
Sleep: sure, i sleep. it's getting more difficult to toss my body from side to side. and i usually wake up with a sore back and hips. it is what it is.
Best moment this week: we had a little baby scare last week (everything turned out to be just fine, phew!). the last few days, this baby girl has been like oh you thought i wasn't moving around enough? you want to feel me kick you more? maybe do some flips and jumps off the high-dive? ok well here you go then mom. you asked for it. and i've been loving it :)
Miss Anything? still sleeping on my stomach. and sushi. 
Movement: refer to answer above :) she's all over the place and wedging her little self into places i don't think she's meant to wedge. it's so weird and so great all at the same time. 
Food cravings: nutella! random. i haven't really had it for years, and then spontaneously bought a jar at the store last week (super spontaneous of me, i know!) and now i'm hooked. like, basically every day. i bought the little jar, not knowing if/how quickly it'd get eaten, considering we hadn't bought it in forever. jae said i probably should've bought the bigger jar. yep.
Anything making you queasy or sick? not so much. although honestly, every time i open the pantry (ps, we've never had a pantry before and it is super awesome and i love it but..) it just seems like a big mix of food smells and i kind of hate it for that reason. like, sometimes i try not to take a breath in while i open and close it. but i'm not like, running to the toilet to throw up because of it, so whatever.
Have you started to show yet? i feel like this question can and should be removed after like, 18 weeks. for me, anyway.
Gender: GIRL!
Labor Signs: i've noticed a lot more braxton hicks. just lots of tightening of the belly, especially when i go up the stairs or walk longer distances. nothing consistent.
Belly Button in or out? both?
Weddings rings on or off? still on! but getting tighter.
Happy or Moody most of the time: i feel more happy now that we've got the house sold and the move (#1, still awaiting #2) done. i feel less stress by my to-do list. and i'm happy i can focus more on baby and gearing up for that. jae and i chatted a little about names the other night, and that was the first time in weeks we've even sat down for a minute and talked about it. i'm still easily moody. that's nothing new!
Looking forward to: my answer is still the fall and cooler weather! we had it for a week and it was GLORIOUS and then it jumped to 90 degrees again last week. just yuck!!!!! 65-75 degrees now please.

there are plenty of things i'm nervous and anxious about (sidenote: i feel like my anxiety has been seriously affected this pregnancy. it just shoots up to the roof in no time and it is hard to calm back down again. i don't like it.), but i am just so so excited for her to come. and to be home with both my girls for a few weeks (not long enough) and see gracie with her sister and see the realization hit of a new baby in our house that is with mom and/or dad all the time haha. it will be sweet. i am excited to get the tiny little baby clothes out again soon. pack a hospital bag. set up her bed in our room. all of the things that truly make it 'real'. we are so so blessed.

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  1. Can't wait to see the newest little peanut! You're in the home stretch now :)