seven things on a saturday.

.two years ago today i was 40 weeks pregnant (and not going into labor yet..). today i am 32+ weeks pregnant. life is crazy.

.being away from my family on a saturday (especially a beautiful sunny one) all day to work is just the hardest.

.i am so so happy for october to be here. it is quickly becoming one of my favorite months of the year. 

.it's true when people say life/holidays/traditions/etc only get better when you have kids. it is WAY better.

.i got my whooping cough vaccine yesterday and my arm is so soooore. i think that chick was out to get me or something.

.gracie has one week left of 1-year-hood. it's hard to believe we'll have a two year old. although, honestly, she's acted like a six year old for awhile now...

.we're planning to take gracie to her first pumpkin patch next week and i am so excited!

and now for some random but fun pictures.
yes they're mostly of gracie because jae and i don't seem to make it into many pictures these days.

gracie and her grandpa, 
celebrating his birthday a few weeks ago.

who's the cool kid?

riding in shopping carts can be a struggle lately, but ones she can drive are always a good thing!

a gracie selfie (along with about 27 more exactly the same) found on my phone.

"hiding" in dads pants.

flowers we got at the car oil change place. she then proceeded to pull them apart.

shoes, anyone?

on a sunday walk. isn't she sweet? :)

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