love letters.

i was going through my wallet the other night and pulled out three letters from jae that i've been hauling around for years now. one was from 2009, just after we got engaged. the other two from 2010 - one valentine's day, and one a random one for our 4 month wedding anniversary.

i haven't pulled them out and read them in a long time. i got about halfway through the second one and was just a teary mess. i don't know why i randomly decided to read them at that moment, but it was just the pick me up that i needed right then. reading them made me so happy.

they were so so sweet. short and simple and to the point and reminded me why i married that guy.

it's so weird, life. it's like, i feel stuck in a rut a lot of the times with being a mom and taking care of gracie, being a wife (sometimes?), church, having a full time job (plus some), sleep (sometimes). and then repeat. and then repeat again. but at the same time, it's like life is on fast forward and months and years are passing by and now we're about to celebrate 6 years of marriage together and i can't quite figure out where the time went or what all we've done in those last 6 years. the day-by-day seems slow and sometimes monotonous and hard, but the months and years go by fast, it's hard to keep up. it's a strange thing.

anyway, the letters. reading those just put me right smack dab in the middle of a oh yeah, this is what it's all about. this is what matters moment. i stopped working right then and wrote a little love note to jae. something i haven't done in awhile. i am nowhere near perfect, and i know it. i have things to work on, and i'm trying to improve every day. and jae sticks by me and supports me and loves me all the same. even when i'm a little on the crazy lady side. and i need to make sure he knows that i notice that and how much i appreciate him for it.

he's a good one.


  1. What a sweetie :) Love the little things like this---they really are the things that make the ordinary days special.