baby animal farm day

gracie's cousins have been on spring break this week, so as one last fun day before they go back next week, we all headed up to logan for baby animal days. tons of baby animals to see and pet and hold! what's cuter than baby animals?! even though i worked late the night before, i knew gracie would have so much fun seeing the animals and playing with her cousins, so we went. i'm so glad we did!

she was a little hesitant and a little anxious about the crowds and crowds of people, but i think she had fun and i know she loved petting the animals!

the horses were definitely her favorite (not even the baby ones, the big huge horses she couldn't get enough of! she wasn't scared at all and they were RIGHT up next to us.) there were also baby chicks, ducks, cows, goats, bears, pigs. oh and a choo choo train to ride. so fun.

(did i mention it was coooold? thank goodness for that sun because otherwise, that wind and chilly cache valley temps were enough to send me back to the car. brrr)

 i don't have all the pictures, since some were taken on my moms camera, but here are a few phone pics.

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