life lately.

a few quick catch-ups from the last month or so.......

ME...i started a new job. it was supposed to be replacing my other two but instead i decided to stay on PRN/on-call for my staffing job at primary's just for the extra hours and ability to pick up and make some extra money if i need or want it. i just can't seem to stick to only one job. seriously, what is wrong with me. i'll have to post about the new job.

JAE...he already has a tan from all the sunshine and warm weather we've been having. i think he's got the right idea - working outside every day.

GRACIE JANE....is growing like a weed!! (well, as in she's getting so grown up. physically, she's still pretty tiny). she is so dang smart and says pretty much anything and everything. she's got 8 teeth and is working on molars now (not any fun for anyone). now that it's warmed up, she has LOVED being outside and gets really mad when we try to bring her back inside. i think this summer will be full of outdoor adventures!

lately gracie has been getting sick of riding in the usual spot in the cart, but she also didn't want me to hold her and i didn't want her to run around. so i stuck her in the back of the cart at target one day
and she was loving life! 

helping mom make banana bread.
(read: "mom another picture?")

one day, jae came home from work and declared he was going to make a fire in our backyard. mind you, we do not have a 'fire pit'. well, now we do. literally, on the grass in the middle of our backyard. 
and we love it!

afternoon family walk.

the two littles lounging (being bored) while i got ready for work.

enjoying the nice weather with grandma karen! i love that she sends me these 
random little gems throughout the day :)

gracie and i went on a little hike with our gf's emily and zoe. the view was awesome.

just a silly little cheesy gracie girl. got some new clothes & sandals for this girl, we can't wait for summer!

went on a little sunday afternoon hike. it was really windy ;)

this is very exciting for everyone - gracie girl got a new carseat!! 
she is loving it and so is mom. 

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