because, look at her!

my gracie girl is 15 months old!!
i realized it's been awhile since i've written down all the fun and silly and not so fun things she's doing right now. so here it is.

.she finally has 4 teeth! two on top, two on bottom. slow teeth growers, we are 'round here.
.her favorite foods are mac n cheese, blueberries, chicken nuggets, eggs, waffles, pb&j's, graham crackers, & "nanas" (bananas)
.she started really walking around 13.5 months and hasn't stopped since
.she allows headbands and bows to be on her head (she was on strike there for a few months) but if she gets bored enough, she'll rip them off and they usually end up in her mouth at some point
.speaking of hair, she can wear two little piggy tails now and it's just about the cutest thing on the planet
.she LOVES to dance, especially to taylor swift. literally every day, she brings us the remote (we play it through our blue ray player on our tv) and starts moving her arms around cuz she wants to music on so she can dance! we know every song by heart (jae included)
.she can make just about every animal noise, including dog, lion, bee, horse, monkey, bunny (the bunny makes a 'bouncy' noise, thanks to one of her books), pig, and others i can't remember. my favorite is probably elephant. she makes an elephant noise while putting her arm up in the air like the elephants trunk. it's awesome.
.she's still on the small side, so she wears a lot of 12 month stuff still. she actually was the exact same weight at her 15 month appointment as her 12 month. hello 3%ile! and her shoe size is definitely still in the 6-12 month range ;)
.when it's cold or we look outside at the snow, she pulls her arms across her chest and says "brrrr!"
.she is officially an almond milk drinker. and she's actually drinking less and less lately, which i guess is good in a way because it means she's getting more full on actual food.
.most naps/bedtimes lately, she doesn't care much to be rocked and/or drink a bottle. she is just ready to go to bed. it is nice that she can be so independent and go to sleep so well, but i can't help but feel a little sad and rejected when she sits up and just wants me to put her in her bed instead of rock with me :(
.she still sleeps so well at night - roughly 730pm-7am. naps during the day are always a battle, but we take what we can get.
.she is good at playing independently and loves blocks, cars, puzzles, books, anything that plays music or makes noise, finger puppets. and of course, also things like tupperware, zoey food, random clothing items, tampons, and whatever else she can get. ohh and our phones. gosh if she see's the phone, it's all over. game.over. it's a battle, i tell ya.
.she gives the BEST little puckered kisses. like, real kisses. and makes a "muah!" noise. did I mention that it's just the best?
.she has the sweetest, most fun little personality showing more and more. she makes such funny faces and lets you know exactly how she feels about everything.
.she's slightly obsessed with her belly button and you can often find her with her shirt half up her belly and her fingers over her belly button.
.she knows most her body parts and can point them all out when you ask her - nose, ears, eyes, arms, fingers, legs, toes, belly, bum, tongue, teeth, hair.
.zoey and gracie are best little buds, even though most the time gracie is trying to kiss or hug or sit on zo and zoey is growling at her....they wrestle and play and try to share toys (ick) and i completely love that they love each other. gracie has started picking up zo's food bowl and carrying it over to her bag of food to feed her. then we put food in her bowl and she carries it back over and sets it on the ground for her. smart girl!
.she tries to say any word that you say. she repeats almost everything (enter: mom and dad, be careful what you say! phase). it reminds me often of that friends episode where phoebe is trying to teach joey how to speak French. know which one i'm talking about? phoebe says something, and joey repeats it and thinks he's totally saying it the same. except it totally isn't at all what phoebe said. I feel like that's how it is a lot of the time right now - jae or I will say a word, and she'll say it back. only sometimes it sounds absolutely nothing like what we said. but she has no idea. it is the funniest.

it just blows my mind how much her little brain has grown and seeing her little mind just sucking everything in and learning all this new stuff, every single day. it is unreal. she keeps us laughing all the time. she is a weirdo but so smart and so cute and so funny. yes, we're obsessed.
and now, some more pictures of our sweet girl because basically she steals the show. and that's that.


  1. Oh, I miss that sweet little thing. She really is the cutest. I'll smuggle her into the Taylor Swift concert with me this September so we can dance our hearts out.

  2. wow, she is a dream! i love these photos, that door is perfect!

    xo welltraveledwife.com