5 years.

jae and i celebrated 5 years of marriage a few weeks ago. since last year we had a 2 month old, we ended up just staying downtown SLC and taking the baby with us. which was great! but now that she's 15 months, we decided a night or two by ourselves was much needed.
jae planned a few days away at one of our favorites - the Zermatt resort in midway. it was a perfect way to start our new year and a perfect way to celebrate these 5 years together.
we ate at a yummy Mexican place, swam in the crater, soaked up the heat in the steam room, ate a fancy meal at the homesteads restaurant (simon's), went on a little railroad day trip, had some more yummy food, slept in (until 8!!! haha), and best of all - basically just did whatever the heck we wanted. and it was amazing. of course, i was texting my sister the entire time to check up on gracie girl and make sure she was sleeping and eating and everything. and of course, she did great the entire time. we enjoyed every minute and mostly only took time to take pictures of scenery and food.
it was beautiful and wintery and everything was covered in frozen white magicalness. even though i am not one to love winter or snow or single digit temperatures, i cannot deny that it was lovely up there.

thanks for another amazing year, jae, and another amazing trip and
for being the perfect husband for me!


  1. Winter is beautiful, and cold... That food looks delish. Also, apparently we are on the same blogging schedule. :)

  2. What a perfect anniversary!! Happy 5! You two are so adorable, xoxo.