wednesday night date night.

jae scored 4 tickets to the jazz vs cavs game last night. i was excited to go and get away for a couple hours with him, but i was also thinking ugh a late basketball game on a wednesday night after i worked all day and the night before?? i'm exhausted already!

we invited some friends, got a babysitter (thank you chelsea!!) and went for it. i am SO glad we did.

the game was pretty packed and so much fun. let me just give you a little play-by-play....

the jazz were ahead most the game until the 3rd quarter hit (of course) when things started falling apart. by the end of the 4th quarter, it got down to 100-97 (jazz ahead) when lebron james got "fouled" shooting a 3 pointer (it was so not a foul, by the way). of course, he made all 3 free throws, so it was tied at 100 with like 4 seconds left of the game. jazz inbounded, hayward got the ball, shot off a 3 pointer at literally the last second and made it! jazz win!!!!!

you guys. the arena exploded.
it was beyond awesome and loud (hello, ears ringing!) and there was just such a high energy taking over the whole place. i know, i know. it was just a jazz game and let's be real - they're not great and probably won't win very many games in the future. but that's not the point. for me (and i'm guessing jae too) it was just such a very much needed break. a time away from home and our sweet girl (although i had a lot of anxiety leaving her & texted chelsea the whole time). and we had so much fun. i haven't seen jae smile that big in a while.

even though gracie had a rough time at 6am this morning and i've been at work all stinking day, it's been such a better day than i've had in the last couple of weeks. i just feel renewed and happy and motivated again. all because of a date to the jazz game. weird.

but i'll take it.


  1. Sometimes it is the most unexpected things that can make all the difference and turn things around. I'm glad you guys were able to get out together and have a good evening. Love you friend!!

  2. You're welcome! I love watching the little lady. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Xx.