garage in progress, vol 2.

we have made progress, people!

at the end of the last garage post, we had footing, foundation, and a garage floor poured.
now, we've completed framing, windows and (people) doors installed, half of the driveway, brick, and half of the roofing!

spot the little nugget?? :)

there's another few feet of driveway out to where the sidewalk/curb/gutter will be, but that's not going in until next spring. so we will just have half a driveway through the winter with gravel filling in the front few feet til we get all the rest of that put in next year.

ok so i haven't actually taken a picture of the roofing in progress yet - jae (with the very amazing help of family, friends, and neighbors - THANK YOU!) just finished getting all the tar paper up today before the storm hits. so now it's ready for shingles.

our siding is ordered and should be here in the next week or so. electrical will be done in the next week or so, too, hopefully. lastly is our garage doors i think? yay! then it can snow ;)