gracie's 1st birthday.

gracie's birthday was october 17th. the big FIRST birthday!!

we had her party the day after. all our family came, which is what really made her happy. she had no idea what all the presents were about (her dad and i opened most all of them, i think) and she liked the food for a minute, but really she was all about playing with her cousins and showing off for everyone :) it's safe to say she had a great time!

i only got a few pictures, we were just having too much fun celebrating.

the birthday girl, just after she woke up. she had a bit of a cold, so we had to start her day by spraying/suctioning out her nose. she didn't let it get her down! 
trying to get her to open some presents but....
...all she wanted to do was give cousin ben loves :)
the spread!

happy happy 1st birthday my little love!
you've made this past year the best one yet!!


  1. she could NOT be cuter! happy 1st birthday gracie!

  2. Can't believe she is ONE!! What a doll.