a few weeks ago we went with a group of friends to the davis county demolition derby. i've been to one or two in the past, but it always seems new & exciting to me. well, usually only super exciting when they're crashing into eachother and rolling other cars around. and then there's the people watching...

anyway we all had a great time and were on the second row, so a clear view of all the fun vroom vrooming going on. at one point, we even had some dirt come flying at us from a crash right on front of us, and jae got a mouthful of it. he was not expecting that at all and it was pretty hilarious.

it was all fun and games, that is, until this happened...

it was the truck round, and they were doing there demo derby thing, when one truck hit another on the side and rolled it over to it's side. this is all very exciting and everyone cheers and the crowd loves that stuff. but then, just as one of the derby worker dudes was over to help the rolled truck's driver get out and shut off the gas to ensure no nasty spills happened, the weight shifted just enough that the truck that pushed the other truck over rolled back off of it, making the truck that was rolled, roll back down flat onto it's side. that probably doesn't make much sense, but basically the derby helper guy got landed on by the truck that had been rolled over. we weren't really sure what all had happened until swarms of people were running over and working together to try to lift the truck off this man. we could then clearly see the man laying flat on his stomach, not moving.

long story short, the fire truck came, the ambulance came, they worked for a good 15-20 minutes to get the guy stable and onto the gurney and into the ambulance. then life flight landed in the field behind the arena and they worked another few minutes just to get him transferred over to the helicopter.

at that point, we left. most people had or were leaving.

it was pretty unreal.
we found out the next morning, the man died from his injuries to his head.

just makes me realize more and more that you never know when tragic things like this can and will happen. it's totally out of our hands, and when it's someone's time, it's their time. it's all part of a bigger plan and we just have to try to live our life as fully as we can and never take anything (or anyone) for granted.

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