dessert date night.

jae and i had tickets to go to the bee's game the other night. well it was a night that turned out to be super rainy monsoon weather. originally i was planning to take gracie with us, but then with the forecast, got jae's mom to babysit for us instead, but then when it was so crazy rainy, we didn't really want to go anyway. but we already had jae's mom to watch gracie, so we decided we'd still go do something. we had already eaten dinner so we couldn't go out to get food, so we decided some fancy desserts would be perfect.

i wanted TWO desserts!
raspberry cheesecake and a chocolate ice cream pazookie thingy. whatever they're called.

(i literally tried to take a selfie of us like 4 times. this is what i got every single time..)

we ended our date night with a trip to home depot (naturally) and took turns drilling stuff. cuz what date is complete without that?

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