august photo dump.

the last month in (phone) pictures!
{ps - i just scrolled through all of them and realized 99% are of gracie. what can i say, she really is the center of our world}

first time wearing a little clippy! she ended up choking on one of these clippies on the way to church the other week, so i'm not hesitant to use them if i'm not right there to watch her like a hawk.

our new "naptime".....standing up in the crib and crying because she's tired. it's so fun. but i must admit, her little tiny self does look pretty cute standing up in there :)

TONS of pulling up and standing! all day, every day.

first (tiny) ponytail!!! i think i pulled out about 5 hairs just trying to get this ponytail in.

swimming up in park city. finally, she loved the pool! it was nicely warm water so i'm sure that's why.

she's had a really hard time with naps lately (i think because of that darn tooth that finally popped through) so this was at about 6pm one night - just completely zonked out in dad's lap.

of course, as soon as we tried moving her into her crib so she could just go to sleep for the night, she woke up.

as soon as she see's the fridge even cracked open, she is determined to get in there and explore.

SUPER helpful, ALL the time now! (and yes, those are boy jammies with sharks on them. i think they're adorable)

she loves duckies, and she has these little mini duckies. she decided she'd stuff the entire body of the duck into her mouth with the head hanging out to make it easier to crawl around while still having easy access to a duck! genius.

we visited aunt kellie one day, and she had a fun balloon that kept her entertained (and a bit frustrated) for a good 10 minutes.

lots of neighborhood walks with zo. she now demands to hold onto zo's leash when we're out. she can't say much more than dad but she can demand to hold onto zo on our walks. it's magic.

painted our front door yellow!

she loves to stand at the window and watch what's going on outside. and with all the moving and crawling lately, a diaper and some baby leg warmers are the perfect outfit.

and then there's zo. she cozied herself up like this in an effort to get away from people (ie gracie) i think. she loves gracie, but she also really loves her naps.


  1. Gracie is getting so big!! That picture of Zo at the end cracked me up, silly little pup!!

  2. Blue loves our blanket like that too, silly Chihuahua's! I love that Gracie and Zoey love each other. ❤️

  3. Gracie's little face!! love all the pics. Photo dumps are my fave