motherhood right now.

(idea taken from natalie jean)
motherhood right now means...

.gracie getting up earlier on the days i don't need to be up early than the days i do need to be up early. go figure.

.LOTS of mom carrying gracie around because heaven forbid she sits down by herself for 30 seconds while mom puts some clothes on or brushes her teeth.

.the beginning of baby pulling her cute headbands off. they're way more interesting to play with and eat then wear on our heads.

.lots of tears when it's either bath time or changing diaper time. both are pretty frightening things, turns out.

.seeing more & more the pain joy of letting your baby experiment with new foods and then having getting to clean up the aftermath. it's just beginning.

.tons of snuggles and open-mouthed kisses and bear hugs with little tiny baby arms reaching as far as they can around your neck. the BEST.

.the sippy cup with water to save the day! seriously, it entertains her for multiple minutes at a time, if necessary. lifesaver.

.many walks around the neighborhood to pass time and give momma's arms a rest from holding the baby.

.zo pup kisses, even after baby has pulled that poor dogs tail and ears a million times.

.waiting somewhat anxiously for baby to start crawling. she's moving around more when sitting or laying (she'll kind of scoot on her bum or spin herself around in circles on her belly) but no obvious signs of crawling yet. i have mixed emotions about it.

.eating lots of fruits (i think they're her fav), but still pureed. solid foods kind of gross her out still.

.feeding the dog puffs and yogurt melts and other various food particles because it's way more fun to throw them off the side of her high chair tray then actually eat them.

motherhood right now is: super sweet, tiring, exciting, rewarding, challenging.


  1. I second Mary---I love this! I really like hearing about your journey through motherhood--both the stressful AND the joyful. Keep 'em coming! (As long as Gracie allows you a few minutes to get your thoughts together, that is!)

  2. Cuties. She's getting chunky, LOVE it.