five photos.

a friend of mine tagged me in a fun post on good old fb - the post is you're supposed to pick 5 photos that make you feel beautiful. i'm not sure where it started or why. at first, my thoughts were ugh i don't have time for this! but then i really started thinking about it. and i think it's a neat thing to do. we're always finding beauty in other things - our babies, our spouses, the outdoors, photos of others.....but not usually in ourselves.

so then i was kind of excited about this :) instead of post it to facebook, i thought i'd make it into a little post on the blog. it can be yourself alone, or a photo with your hubby showcasing your beauty as a wife, or maybe it reminds you of a beautiful time or place from long ago that you won't ever forget about. wherever you find beauty in yourself, share it. i think it's a great thing.

here are 5 photos i found (there were way too many pics and i'd be up all night if i went through them all). enjoy.

i love it when jae kisses me on the forehead.
it's just such a sincere, sweet kiss & it makes me feel so loved.

my daddy walking me down the aisle. he was trying not to cry 
& i was trying not to trip.
we're a lot alike and i love that.

this has always been one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day. i'm not even totally sure why, but it just captured a perfect funny but i'm going to love you forever even though you just shoved cake up my nose moment & it makes me happy :)

one of the very first moments as a family of three 
& the new momma role started setting in.
very surreal and very beautiful.

 this picture is from years ago. before jae, before marriage. it's from a time in my single-lady life when i wasn't sure what i was doing or where i wanted to go. i can appreciate this time more now because it hugely helped shape me & prepared me for things (and people) to come. like jae.


  1. I really love this! I might just be stealing the idea... (and p.s. you always have been beautiful, my friend!)

  2. This post was beautiful! And you, my dear, are just as beautiful as ever. You always have been!

  3. Beautiful lady! I loved this post, and like Torrie, I think I'll be stealing the idea for my bloggy... Love you!

  4. Love this!!! Absolutely beautiful. I love your new mama picture and your daddy walking you down the isle...awe! Just beautiful.

  5. love your wedding picture! SO beautiful!

    xo welltraveledwife.com