a whirlwind.

june is over in 5 days.
where the heck did this month go?
i have been working both my jobs, still training at my new one, which means i'm usually clocking 40 hours a week.
i had gotten used to only 24 a week, so this 40 hours plus baby plus husband plus puppy plus church plus grocery shopping plus laundry plus.....life. well, i'm feeling a little frazzled to be completely frank.
i'm working until midnight. i'm working at 5am. i'm trying to find time to do laundry and bathe my baby and eat some lunch. and it's been harder than you might think.
i'm exhausted.
but every time i start doubting things..
every time the fear that perhaps i made the wrong choice with this second job..
i'm immediately reminded that no, this is the right thing to be doing now.
this all worked out for a reason and i'll figure out all the why's someday.
so i just keep getting up and running around like a crazy person and closing my eyes for a quick 30 second nap whenever i can and pushing forward.
'cuz what else am i going to do, right?!

and because these people - my people - they're all so worth it. 


  1. It's crazy what we can do when it's for out little family! Good job my dear. I love what you say about finding out all the why's sometime... That is soooo true. Keep it up girl. You are doing great! xo

  2. Love you my dear, you are doing great + noble things. Hang in there mama!!