gracie - 6 months {in photos}.

we are very lucky to have multiple photographers in our own family!
originally, i just wanted some new pictures of gracie at 6 months, but then i realized we might as well throw some family ones in there too. so jae's brother jaron did a little shoot for us a few weeks ago.

it was a little chilly and gracie wasn't super pleased by about 10 minutes into it, so there aren't too many smiles, but she was a trooper and jaron got some great ones.


  1. She is so freakin adorable! These turned out great!!

  2. Love these! He did a great job :)

  3. Your hair is sooo beautiful and I am jealous. Lilly is 13 months and I am still have post-partum hair loss something fierce--boo :( You really do have a gorgeous family.

  4. Oh my GORGEOUS!!!! Love these. Like, a LOT!