a perfect mommy moment.

since Sunday, Gracie has not been feeling her best. She had a terribly runny nose come out of nowhere, a weird little cough, a red bum (she very rarely has any sort of diaper rash), and she was just generally louder and whinier than usual. I thought about all these symptoms and can't help but feel like she might be teething. Which I am not ready for. I wouldn't mind if her teeth didn't come until 10 months honestly! I might be wrong, but they say teeth can take a good while to come in and she's been a drool case for a couple months now.

Anyway the last couple mornings she's woken up stuffy and congested as ever and I just feel terrible. She hasn't been sleeping well and she's just a mess! And I've just been feeling so inadequate as a new mom lately. So to try to help her, I decided to stick her in the bathroom and turn on the hot shower to steam the room up and hopefully just clear her up a bit. Well she wasn't thrilled with that and wasn't calming down like I had hoped. So, after sitting on the bathroom floor for a few minutes and listening to her be upset, as weird as it may sound, I decided to just pick her up and get in the shower with her.

One of the best decisions I could've made. She wasn't very happy at first but she calmed down after a couple minutes and was just completely quiet. I rocked her, talked to her, rubbed her back. Even nursed her. She was sleepy and comfy and warm and her eye lids were heavy. But she just stared up at me. She let me cuddle her the whole time, even when she wasn't nursing. She never does that anymore. She just stared and put her pudgy little fingers up to my face. It was totally quiet except for the sound of the water. It was one of the sweetest, most tender moments we have ever had.

Before I knew it, tears started filling my eyes. I knew that choice to pick her up and take her in the shower with me was exactly what we both needed today. I just felt an overwhelming feeling of love for her. It was just such a perfect moment and I know I will never forget it.

*pictures compliments of torrie lynn


  1. So sweet! I loved this. Like you were saying, your instincts are there---you're her mom, you know best. Just keep on following that motherly intuition :)

  2. Sweet little baby, sweet little Mama. You are doing a great job, and you better believe it.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tender moment. You are a wonderful mom. Gracie is a lucky girl!