six months.

baby girl is halfway to her first birthday.
i absolutely love watching her grow and learn and seeing more and more of her personality.
i absolutely hate the thought of her getting older and not being my baby anymore.

*eating more and more foods every day (and liking most all of them!)
*loves watching the Zo pup and tries to grab her tail and play tug-o-war with her rope
*just this past week or so she's been sitting up by herself like a pro
*her ankles and wrists have some seriously deep dimply chubby skin and i love it
*she laughs and squaks and yells and giggles
*she loves playing with toys - her ruffly butterfly is her favorite
*she seems to be seriously teething now (something her momma is not ready for); though none have popped through yet
*she loves to find her toes and pull them up to suck on them whenever she can
*she throws her tiny arms around your neck and gives hugs. or at least her best version of a hug. and buries her face in your shoulder/neck. sweetest thing ever
*she is SO SWEET

15 lbs (33%)
24.5" tall (12%)

happy 6 months, my sweet gracie jane.

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  1. she seriously couldn't be cuter. i'm sure it's so crazy to see her grow up even though you're loving watching her progress! Xo