i decided it might help me to stay on top of my blogging by doing (at least) a monthly blog update. just to help remind me of what we've done during each month and all the big and little things I want to remember.

so after our anniversary, the rest of January was spent:

cleaning up blow-outs! miss gracie jane started wearing a bigger sized diaper shortly after this :)

gracie spending lots of playtime with her cousins every week

celebrating zoey's 2nd birthday!

taking millions of pictures of gracie


zoey and gracie spent time bonding over tummy time

after multiple failed attempts at getting gracie to take a binky (this pic is one of the maybe three times she actually took it), she finally just decided her thumb was what she wanted

zo helping jae do a puzzle

praciticing holding onto toys (and eating them of course)

lots of daddy snuggles and reading stories

gracie practicing napping in her crib (doesn't usually last very long)

and a picture of my three favorites!

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  1. that thumb sucking pic is stinkin' cuuuuute! gracie is getting so big!