celebrating 4 years.

we celebrated our 4 year anniversary two months ago now....

since we had a 2.5 month old and not a lot of extra time to get away, i planned a stay-cation for us to celebrate this year.

we started it out with some five guys.

then we headed downtown SLC to the Grand America where we just hung out. no big plans (well, i did want to go swimming since it would be Gracie's first time at the pool, but turns out they charge an extra $10 just to go swimming.....i wasn't up for that, especially considering who knew with Gracie if we would be there for an hour or 5 minutes). we did stop at a couple shops in the hotel and got some chocolate covered strawberries and gelato. SO good.

we took Gracie with us for a few reasons, and i was glad we did. it didn't in any way make our celebrating not fun. i probably would've just been stressing over her and how she was if we had left her with someone. and besides, she's super cute so we just took lots of pictures of her :) (and none of us! haha)

this was just hilarious....she kept leaning too far over and then she'd just slowly slide til she fell all the way over on her side. she wouldn't cry or get upset - just look at me like 'uh....guys..'

she's been one of the best things about our life and our marriage so far, so why not celebrate with her, right?
oh - we did go to dinner too that night. olive garden. Gracie wasn't super happy during dinner, so it was short and sweet.

here's to the next 4 years, and the next 4 after that!