pink sneaks & a 5 moment memoir.

last sunday, baby girl changed out of her nice church dress right into her pink polka dot sneakers.
i think she loves them.
i mean, look at that happy face!

although, turns out putting shoes like this on tiny, uncooperative baby feet is harder than you'd think.

.1. got up to feed a hungry baby girl around 6am. within about 20 minutes she was a full, sleepy baby girl. i love those early morning feedings when it's just barely getting light enough to leave the light off and it's so quiet in the house and just me and the babe in the rocking chair, snuggling. then i put her back in her bed and crawled back in to my bed to snuggle with the pup and jae.

.2. jae played a church bball game this morning. i always love going to watch him doing something that he enjoys like playing ball. even if i'm the only wife/cheerleader there!

.3. gracie is just barely waking from an almost 2 hour nap. WOW. any naps over about 45 min almost never happen! and what did i do the whole time she napped? laundry? dishes? nope. i did a bunch of nothing. and it was great.

.4. i did just eat a bowl (ok, two bowls) of white chicken chili soup that i made last night. yummm.

.5. now that it's after 1pm, i'm thinking about curling my hair and putting some make up on :) that should about do it for today, i'd say.

happy extra long president's day weekend!


  1. Oh my, those shoes! Her smiley face!! Its just too much, she is adorable. Let's play soon!

  2. I can't wait to meet little Gracie and see you soon! I am hoping to come back for a visit in the fall, hopefully we can get together ;)

  3. Cuties! I need to see the babe. Listening to her on a baby moniter isn't quite the same and holding and snuggling. :) Sounds like you had a nice Saturday!

  4. oh my goodness those pics of both you beautiful girls is absolutely adorable! Her smile is so cute!!

  5. you're the cutest and i think you were made to be a mama! love this update! Xo

    the well-traveled wife ♥