rounding out the week with a few pictures.

the last few weeks have been full of family time, and since we have two photographers in the Horrocks clan, it's also been full of picture taking!

thought i should share a few on the blog.
(in no particular order)

miss mary also did some fun baby belly shots for me a couple of weeks ago, so here are just a few from that adventure. we rushed to get some sunset lighting, and just about missed it, but i think they worked out pretty good!

it's been a week (yes, a shorter work week, but still...).
i'm tired and ready for a loong nap.

it should be a fun, but busy weekend.
on the agenda thus far:
baby shower 
birthing class
cancer fundraiser for sweet little Cami (you should come too!!)
haircut for jae
church & extra church meetings
date night (not sure where we'll squeeze this in yet..)
work on the house/nursery more (never comes off the list)

one week of september down,
three more to go!

happy weekend :)


  1. love your baby bump pictures! Mary is so so talented! and you are beautiful my dear!

  2. Mary did a fabulous job on these! Absolutely love them :)