a sign.

i saw this license plate the other day:

it must be a sign i've worked in healthcare for a long time, 
but the first thing that came to mind was "oh, they put their blood type on their license plate"...

B positive.

i thought that was kind of funny to put it on their license plate, but maybe that's the only way
they could remember what their blood type is?

then it hit me - duh.
it's not their blood type.
it's just saying "be positive".

i laughed a bit at myself (i was alone in my car at the time) and thought how silly it was that
their blood type is the first thing i thought of.

but now, thinking more about it, it's a good reminder for me, especially for the next few weeks ahead.
we've got this baby girl coming soon, and i'm starting to understand what people are saying when they tell me the last month is the hardest and longest time of the whole pregnancy.

but despite my lack of sleep and my hip pain and my back pain and my swelling feet and ankles and my general hugeness.....i want to stay positive and happy and i think, for the most part, i am.
i am super excited and anxious for baby girl to get here and i get more excited everyday.

people say this is the hardest time, but they also say it's all totally worth it.
i'm hanging on to that instead :)

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