labor day weekend 2013.

here's a bit of how our weekend went:
(yes - all iphone photos, so not the greatest. also, a lot more work was done by jae and other family members, which was AWESOME...i just didn't get pictures of it all. i'll have to show you later exactly what they did.)

date night! we're really good at good pictures.

jae's favorite: mo bettah's (ekolu special)

my favorite: coldstone (cake batter ice cream, brownies, fudge)

you can't really tell, but it was an awesome stormy sky sunset with sun rays shining down through

we actually went to see a movie! first time in months.
{ps - since when did movies cost $9.25?? good grief.}

somehow convinced my family to come spend their labor day at our house - laboring on our behalf.
pup was super helpful with putting together a bookshelf.
the big pregnant lady & the dog working together - you can imagine how quickly that work got done.
the finished product! bookshelf for baby girls room :)
i absolutely love it.

finished off labor day with this absolutely delectable brownie.
it was soooo good.

so long, sweet summer!


  1. Please don't say so long to summer yet!
    But then again, for your sake, I hope it's gone soon. :)

  2. Ooo, I want to hear/see what work was done. I also want ice cream and a brownie now. Thanks for that. ;)
    Ps. Movies at Megaplex Tuesday night are matinee price, and on Monday if you bank with America First + have a debit/credit card. I can't afford $9+ movie tickets.

    1. & baby girls bookshelf is adorable. Post nursery pictures!!

  3. Baby bookshelf adorable! I want to see the whole thing!

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend! That piece of chocolate cake looks delicious! I'm getting hungry just looking at it! X Jane http://janeheinrichs.blogspot.com