weekend in PC.

so like i mentioned in a previous post, we spent last weekend up in park city with jae's family.
all of his family came into town and we threw a surprise bday party/weekend for his dad's 60th birthday.

his dad (george), stepmom, and brother got here friday evening and stayed at our house. saturday we met everyone up at jordanelle reservoir for a day of boating. by late afternoon, it started to get really windy and dark and a storm looked like it was rolling in, so we hurried and packed up and headed out (while george was still out on the boat, so when he got back, we were all gone - we pretended we were all just heading back home, but really we were waiting back at the condo we had rented for the weekend to surprise him). saturday night we fooled george with some made up story about needing to stop at a friends condo to grab something and that's where we all were waiting with a big 'surprise!' and a delicious dinner of grilled salmon, shrimp, and chicken. he was definitely shocked and confused, and even got a little teary-eyed when he realized what was going on. plan worked!

a lot of us stayed overnight saturday night, and we kind of came and went as we needed to with our schedules, but we all met back up at the condo by sunday afternoon. some of us took rides up the gondola (we stayed at the canyons resort) and spent time at a little hidden lake up there. some went swimming at the condo, some took naps. our resident professional photographer (jae's brother jaron) took some pictures of all of us together. just a really chill day. then sunday night we had another yummy dinner of chicken tacos and just hung out. we had to go back home that night for work on monday morning, but some stayed to swim and sleep overnight.

of course, when it comes to family events, you can't always get away without a little family drama, but all in all, it was a good, fun weekend with everyone.

and did i mention the weather was so much cooler (like upper 70's and overcast) and so nice??!
because it was.


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  1. I really need some 70-degree weather to happen ASAP--our school has no A/C, and by 6th period, I'd say it's about 100 degrees in the classroom, no joke.

    So, for the sake of the pregnant and the teaching, let's just all agree that fall should come, eh?