attack of the giant baby mama.

oh yuck.
so let me just tell you what happened last night....
(i'm sure most of you will not care one bit but it was dramatic for me so i'm writing it so i can remember this terrible experience.)

so i took zoey out to go to the bathroom once more before bed last night. it was dark already, so as we were walking back inside there wasn't much light (just one lamp on in the living room). i looked down as zoey walked in the house in front of me and saw a ginormous spider crawl in real quick and under the door. i thought about trying to kinda escort it back outside, but was afraid it would run off into the house more and i'd lose it and then where would we be. so instead, i closed the door and grabbed one of jae's flip flops while never taking my eye off of it.

i should mention - it was on our rug, which is black so it was difficult to keep track of cuz it just blended in.

anyway, zoey had seen it, too, but i told her to stay back! she knew something was up, so she just sat back and watched me. i noticed it had a big black something on the back end of it. we have had a lot of these huge spiders in and around our house lately, and i recognized it as being the same spider, except for this big extra something on the back of it. i was confused and only slightly terrified, but i have killed them before and knew i just had to do it!

so, with flip flop in hand, i smashed it! i noticed immediately something kind of flew off the back end of the spider, and then the spider took off running forward. what the??! so i hurried and smashed it again and got it. then i went back to inspect whatever came off the first time i smashed it. after seeing a few little tiny things running around, i quickly realized it was a big huge MAMA SPIDER WITH A HUNDRED TINY BABY SPIDERS ATTACHED TO HER.

you guys.

i went to grab some tissues and the garbage can and told zoey to stay! don't want her messin with no gross baby spiders. i came back and cleaned them up and tried to smash any of the tiny little buggers i could find. but there were A LOT and even though i did kill most of them with the first hit, a bunch got away, i'm sure. trust me, i did not realize this was a sack of babies or else i would've come up with some other plan of attack.

i hurried and called jae (who was at work) and told him all about it and how creeped out i was.
just writing this out right now is grossing me out and making me itch again.

hundreds of tiny tiny babies. seriously, it probably doesn't look like much, but i promise they were so little, and there were so many of them.

here, a little closer....

i'm sure you can imagine how nice and easy and pleasantly i was able to fall asleep after that....


  1. That happened to Dustin one morning. I'm so glad I never saw it or I would never had stepped foot in our living room again.

  2. i am DYING. i can't look at these pictures!!!! had to scroll past so fast! you're brave!

    the well-traveled wife

  3. I've heard of this before- but just seeing your pictures scares me to death! Good for your for actually killing them. I woulda grabbed lysol or something strong and just sprayed and screamed. :)

  4. Haha, never smash an egg sack on a spider. I prefer to burry them when gardening. That's awful, I'm sorry.

  5. I always keep some heavy duty RAID around the house for those nasty little buggers!! Ugh!! I could barely read this post without our fan tickling me in a spidery kind of freak me out way! Glad you got them! Ick!

  6. OH MY HECK!! YUCK!!! I want to throw up now. I'm freaking out right now, I can't imagine what I would have done if it happened to me.

  7. Ha those are so gross, but I have definitely seen my fair share working at the city. Yes, never ever smash them. Yuck.