8 things on a monday.

Zo and i are feeling the same way about today - 'please don't make me get up.'

.1. whether it be because it's almost fall or because i'm feeling overly large lately and just want to feel 'normal size' again, i have been super de-duper craving wearing a nice pair of slimming, comfy-fit jeans lately. i just want to wear some jeans ok??

.2. Jae's dad, stepmom, and half brother flew into town for a quick visit this past weekend, and his brother and family drove down from washington too. we threw a little surprise 60th birthday party for his dad and rented a place in park city for the occasion (they did spend one night at our house, though, so we had a full house for sure!). he was definitely in shock - the surprise worked out well.

.3. family time is great, but family time is also exhausting.

.4. the cooler, overcast weather up in park city was AMAZING. there was enough sun time saturday morning/afternoon to get some boating time in at jordanelle, but then later afternoon the storm clouds were rolling in and we made it back to the condo without getting rained on. it was so cool - 70's most the time and just lovely. i would appreciate that same weather for the next month please.

.5. i find when i don't get my nap time at least once over a weekend, i am very grumpy. lack of sleep in general makes me grumpy, but i believe saturday and/or sunday afternoons are meant for napping and relaxing so when the weekends are too busy to fit one in....let's just say i try to keep my mouth shut so i don't snap at people.

.6. we got new windows installed in our house this past week. although the whole process in general has been less than satisfactory (perhaps i'll blog about that later...i'm still too annoyed about it at the moment), the new windows are nice and look so much better and you can definitely tell a difference in outside sound coming in.

.7. i'm wearing a scarf today (i wore one for part of yesterday too), trying to lure fall weather in. think it'll work?

.8. bending over hurts. that's all.


  1. I'm having a hard time thinking about fall considering that our school has no A/C and my classroom is sitting at about 95 degrees by the end of the day.

  2. I LOVED me a pretty light scarf at the end of pregnancy...and heck, it was SUMMER. I'm getting anxious to meet this little girl!