pregnancy thoughts {pt. 6}

*today i am 33 weeks! 7 more weeks. it seems so close but so far away all at the same time.

*i feel like i've been having some braxton hicks contractions on and off for the last week or two. not a lot, just every once in a while i'll notice the tightening and even some pain sometimes. it's exciting and scary.

*i finally bought my second official maternity shirt haha. i bought some other shirts (non maternity) in bigger sizes too, since my belly is so sticky-outy these days, but i'm starting to realize that plan doesn't work so well because while they fit over my belly, they just look huge on me everywhere else. and it's not a great look! i just hate that even when you find 'cheap' maternity shirts, they're still $5-$10 more than regular shirts just because they're maternity shirts and they can be. dumb.

*i went to the doctor last week and she looked at me and said "are you sure there aren't twins in there??". ugh. my doctor isn't supposed to tell me that! geez louis. i am measuring right on still (i was sort of hoping i was measuring like 2 weeks ahead...dang). she said i just have a shorter torso so baby girl is just all out front. i kinda feel like the skin over my ribs is gonna break in half. you can see the very top of my ribs through my skin - the skin is just pulled so tight!

*i'm feeling pretty good, i guess. considering i'm 33 weeks pregnant. i had a bad week a couple weeks ago where i was just sick and nauseous and threw up and yuck. but it only really lasted that one week and i've felt ok again since then. not sure what that was about. just an official welcome to third trimester, maybe?

*speaking of third trimester - I AM TIRED! it feels like first trimester all over again with the tiredness and lack of energy. except 10 times worse. i do a few things and then i'm so tired and have to sit for a few minutes and catch my breath again. kind of ridiculous.

*she is a MOVER! we're talking kick boxing, synchronized swimming, crazy drum playing MOVER. which is good and i love it, but sometimes it's just like my goodness, child, take a chill pill! like, for example, at 4 in the morning last night/this morning....it makes me smile but at the same time i just really wanted to go back to sleep haha.

*at my19ish week appt/ultrasound, she was breech. the last couple appts my doctor is feeling around and thinks she's turned and is head down now. i feel like that's probably the case, just judging where her kicks are coming from. so hopefully she really is and hopefully she stays put!

*my belly has DROPPED. she is sitting so much lower the last 2 weeks or so than before. my clothes fit different (there's just no room for pants, i tell you), my belly physically looks lower, and i swear sometimes her hand or whatever it is must be centimeters away from sticking right out of me. yes, she feels that low.

*i'm pretty excited for the thought of fall coming up and the fact that we're just about into september. (hallelujah!!!). this hot weather has been bearable most all summer, but these last few weeks have just been killer. plus, september means a couple fun baby showers and a couple birthing classes that i'm super excited about! it also means one last full month of baby prep time. eek!!

*all things considered, i'm doing pretty good and just glad she's still cookin and growing and getting ready to come out and meet us :) i'm kind of dying to meet her.


  1. I love these little updates- I'm getting excited to meet her too, but I'm sure that's nothing compared to what you and Jae feel! I bought a little something for the little lady the other week at craft lake city. I can't help myself with baby girl stuff!!

  2. We're dying to meet her, too! Can't wait! I love the shirt you have on in this pic, btw.

  3. glad it's going well! fun updates! i can't imagine knowing your child is coming in just 7 weeks!! xoxo