husbands top chick flicks.

my friend torrie did a post a few days ago with her top 5 favorite chick flicks ever.  jae read her post and was inspired to make a list of his own. a mix of that inspiration and my lack of inspiration when it comes to blogging lately, jae told me I better blog about them! (thanks, love!).

when jae made his list, though, he had up to about 16 movies written down. he wasn't ready to narrow that all the way to just 5, so he narrowed it to 10 instead. so without further ado....


10. 50 First Dates

9. 10 Things I Hate About You

8. Jerry Maguire

7. Pride & Prejudice

6. Pretty Woman

5. Far and Away

4. The Notebook

3. The Girl Next Door

2. The Princess Bride

1. Meet Joe Black

i must admit, i was pleasantly surprised with some of his picks. of course, on the other hand, some of his other picks i've never even seen (and some might be more comedy or at least romantic comedy, but i guess romantic comedy's can be considered chick flicks too?). but i'd say it's a pretty good list! there are some real good ones on here, yes? i haven't gotten around to making my list yet, but when i do, i'll be sure to post it.

thanks jae!


  1. After making up my list, I couldn't believe I'd left out Princess Bride. Good things Jae's more on the ball than me!

  2. Love this! Good work, Jae. I should have Jord make a list. He's always a champ about watching chick flicks.