i don't know what came over me, but i guess i was just so excited that 
one - i did something with my hair today other than throw it up in a bun and 
two - i don't feel so sick and can (mostly) eat like a normal person!

so yes, as embarrassing as it may be, and as much crap as i may or may not get for doing this and providing proof that i did it....i did a little photo shoot. of myself. in the bathroom at work.

ain't no thang.

 PS: my shirts don't fit my belly so much anymore. granted, 99% of them are non-maternity that i've just been 'making work' up until now. but they don't so much 'work' anymore.
and i'll tell you what - belly shirts on a pregnant chick are not a good thing.

PPS: i confess - i'm not actually 32 weeks. i'm a couple days shy. wishful thinking, i guess.

PPPS: you guys. my belly is HUGE. how am i supposed to fit 8 more weeks in there?


  1. AWE CUTE! Lookin' great little mama! You'll be glad later that you have these pics. I can't WAIT for your little princess to be here!!

  2. I have a couple maternity things I was about to say you can borrow, (target sale stuff that I thought was cute maternity or not!). However, one is a sweater, which you obviously don't want with this weather. Then the other is a dress that is too long on me so I'm not sure that would work either. If you want to try it though, let me know! You are big, in a very cute pregnant way! You were a lot smaller last time I saw you, which was way too long ago.

  3. Lookin' gorgeous! And don't worry about the shameless selfie session---I do it all the time when I'm bored :)

  4. i love this! way to embrace the selfies (i'm all about them!!). you are looking so cute, i can't even stand it.